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good morning, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. the bay area airline passengers that refused to not pull of his pants will not face criminal charges. >> college football play deshon marman says he was the victim of a discrimination. nick smith is live. >> this chapter of the sagging pan itself is over.
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san mateo district attorney told me today that the pilot for the your ways flight did everything right and investigators operated professionally in following through. it is his job as district attorney if there was enough to face criminal charges. >> in this case, they have decided not to file charges against college student deshon marman. >> i have read all the reports and arrived at the conclusion, this doesn't belong in the criminal courts. this does not need to take up our court space. >> they made it very clear they were happy with the d.a.'s decision. >> for the most part, my had a chance. >> he allegedly refused to pull up his sagging pants as he boarded a flight at sfo.
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marman said that crew members harassed him. the captain made a citizen's arrest and he was jailed on at charge of a trespassing. then it took on implications of racism that they allowed this man on an earlier flight dressed in black legs a woman's brother and panties. this was prom incandescently displayed by activists and religious leaders. when a crowd of more than a hundred gathered to support marman. they say the only crime as a passenger was being black with baggy pants. >> did race play a part in this? >> the comment is to state a fact is for everybody to form their opinion. the true people that were involved with the confrontation are very experienced employees
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of the airline and both are african-american women. this morning, vic lee spoke with the family attorney for deshon marman and he says the family intends to file a suit against u.s. airways. >> and while they welcomed the decision and they hope to help the family move past the incident. a spokesperson says we believe the crew and employees academy professionally in dealing with this unfortunate situation. the situation has been passenger's personal decision for informational instructions and safety implications in those decisions. despite spending billions of dollars to increase security, a house committee found that airports still lack security
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government statistics showed more than 25,000 security breaches since november 2001 and that is an average of slight more than five breaches a year at each of the airports. >> one of challenges is how do we be more secure and lessvase. >> i have since the $20 billion plus since 9/11 a lot of security gaps remain in aviation. >> the number they say is small fraction of the people screened. in mumbai at least 21 people killed and 113 injured after three explosions rocked the financial capital during rush hour. the death toll is expected to rise. they believe it was a terrorist attack.
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militants back in 2008 killed 206 people. >> they are investigating a shooting that left a woman with life threatening injuries. the woman was shot while sitting in an suv around 2:00 this morning. two other people in the vehicle a man and woman were not hurt. they are looking for two men in dark clothing that walked away from the scene. >> at this point in the investigation, investigators are unable to determine whether the shooting is gang related but its definite possibility. any one who may have witnessed who has information on the shooting is asked to contact the east palo alto police department. >> a memorial is being held for the fisher man killed in the tragedy. the only confirmed tragedy of the incident. he and group of friends were a board a charter furyk boat had
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when it capsized a week ago saturday. 36 people on board made it to shore safely but seven others are still missing. authorities officially called off the search for them but family members are promising to continue the effort. >> more than a hundred former employees at grocery store in the east bay area are suing the chain. some of the workers say the latino supermarket chain did not pay legal wages or provide lunch breaks. they say the company retaliated against them for trying to improve working conditions. the suit seeks back wages and attorneys' fees. the grocery store says they can't comment because they haven't seen the suited. and students at san jose find out they are going to be housed in a hotel. letters were sent out saying they have more demand for on
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campus housing and so the university is putting them up in hotel rooms. students have the option of cancelling their contracts but they would have to find their own affordable housing. today ben bernanke said they are prepared to provide additional stimulus to the economy if it is needed. >> possibility remains that the recent economic weakness may be more persistent than expected and provide for additional policy support. >> he says temporary factors such as high food and gas prices have slowed the economy. he said the fed would consider three options, launch another round of treasury bond buying. it could cut the interest rate for banks on the reserve or more explicit how it is going to keep
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rates at record low levels. >> the foul smell. >> and hitting french-fries and pizza. restaurants display their new look. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in civic center plaza, it's cold but we'll show you who showed up on the women's team next. grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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u.s.a., chants right now and they watched the women's team beat the french team 3-1 in the world sock are cup match. the incredible drama playing out on the big screen tv. amy hollyfield was there to watch the, site. and joins us with more. >> the crowd was on the feet when the goals were scored but now everyone seems to be focused on the finals. a dedicated crowd. it's very cold here at civic center plaza but those here can't watch say they can't imagine watching it anyplace else. this crowd was larger than the one over the weekend. u.s.a. fever appears to be
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spreading. >> it's very exciting to be out. enjoying soccer with friends. >> it's so fun and then you see it. you are like, i could do that. i just like it. >> we can't control the weather but soccer is an international game and this is an international city and the opportunity to celebrate women's sports and do something is free it's totally worth it. >> it was the game against brazil that took everyone's breath away 5-3. it all came down to the penalty kick. today looked almost easy they
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took france away 3-1. they the screen will keep up and screen for sunday's final game the u.s.a. women's team first time in the finals. they expect a big crowd and enthusiastic. in other news, restaurant chains launched a new aimed at trying to get children to eat healthier food. they are adding healthier options. 15,000 restaurant location parts is kids live well initiative. they have increased servings of fruits and vegetables. >> the national restaurant association has developed a program to make it easier for restaurants as well as supervisors and make it easy through this and for kids to try to find these options.
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one paring chain burger king this who month it will stop serving french-fries and sodas and include milk and fruit. >> the government moved to keep americans safe from led exposure. to cut the maximum allowable lead in toys. it would have to be 99.99% lead free. supporters say the move prevents irreversible brain damage. they say the new damage will lead to job cuts and business closures. yes, take a look outside. >> are you happy? >> i don't know what it is. >> this is the way it looks in san francisco looking back towards oakland. the pockets of sunshine are opening and will continue to do so. cool conditions next couple of
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days and flight arrival delays into sfo. >> and a one-on-one interview with the astronauts in the final shuttle mission ever. making nasa history and the making nasa history and the future of space programs.
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astronauts on the space shuttle atlantis are wrapping up their final mission. terry mcsweeney talked to a local astronauts and some of the others up in space about the history and emotion. terry is with the story. >> they aren't feeling the history of the mission but they are feeling the emotion including specialist rex walheim is part of history. spacewalk is one for the record books, this is the end of an era and the start of a new one. >> wake up song, rocket man. it was time to get down to business to bring the supplies
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to the space station and carrying the garbage back. >> they want to take a look at it and make it better the next time they send it up. >> it carries a universe of emotions pride of being part of the program but a major tug at the heart strings that the shuttle is no as touchdown next week. >> after we get to the ground, i think we're going to have a hard time leaving the shuttle and doing the walk around and greeting the people down there and closing out the program that way. >> now there are going to be no more shuttles to fly, what becomes someone as known for flying on the shuttle? >> space station is now complete. we can end the assembly stage and now we can do ground research, find out na new ways to treat diseases.
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couple days i got a chance to see california from space but i could see the bay area. to think i was kid down there many years looking at the airplanes and dreaming of flying and here i am on the international space station, it's amazing. if i can do it anybody can do it. >> i don't know about that. with the shuttle no longer available they will be turning to private enterprises. and atlantis spaceship will go on display at the contend did i space center. >> they may be focused on history but san carlos is history right there. >> i think they were humble, if anybody could do it i would be up there right now. >> and forecasting the drizzle. >> and where is summer? >> it was last week, remember? couple weeks before that.
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good morning everybody. drizzle will dominate the forecast and we see they are breaking up as we look from mount tamalpais down on the bay area this morning. let's look satellite -- or down to san jose, how the clouds are breaking. kind afternoon time deadline for the clouds to break up in our valleys. satellite will show how extensive the marine layer, it pushed all the way up to the foothills of the sierra and then climbed northward through the central valley. that is an impressive push of marine layer clouds this morning. you see the cold front starting to slide down and it's clearing. it will take from noon to get inland areas and 2:00 before we get to the bay and pockets of sunshine will develop around the coast. temperatures in the 50s in half moon bay, san francisco and oakland. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. santa rosa and antioch, they are in the upper 60s.
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low to mid-60s around the monterey bay. pockets of sunshine today, cool breezes. even when the sun comes out the cool breezes will slow the warming of the sunshine. the clouds and drizzle they will return the next couple of nights and we'll have cool afternoons through the weekend. temperatures compared to average san francisco about 8 degrees cooler and napa, san jose, redwood city, livermore, 11-19 degrees cooler than where we should be on this july 13th. let's talk about the temperatures. east bay, farther you get to the east, more sunshine and warmer it is. mid-70s and antioch and brentwood. along east bay shore, low to mid-60s through castro valley and fremont, 67 degrees. 70 in san jose and warm to 72 in los gatos. low to mid-50s through millbrae and san mateo and mid to upper 60s for the rest of the peninsula. to near 50 in downtown south san
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francisco. north bay, low to mid-70s away from san pablo bay and also sausalito and then we'll talk about accu-weather seven-day forecast. check this out. temperatures cooler tomorrow and friday. a slow warming trend saturday and sunday. temperatures below average and monday and tuesday, that is when summer is back in the forecast. it will be pretty cool for the aids walk this sunday, four days away from now. that will take place in golden gate park. call 615-walk or go on line at it's great. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> rich richmond residents are walking up to the smell of rotting eggs. they say back in october it was pungent. residents reported vomiting and breathing problems and officials shut down the plant. now, the planted is still closed
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but residents say the smell and symptoms have returned. air quality officials say it could be from the transport go of the waste. chrysler is recalling 240,000 vehicles because a problem with the steering system. rams and 3500 pickup trucks from 2008 to 2011 years. they say a part near the left wheel can fracture and cause loss of steering control leading to crashes. they say the problem mainly happens at low speeds when drivers make right turns. we'll be right back.=======@
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you can see?ñ
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today at 3:00, on 7 live, that you craze of paddle board yoga. >> and tug of war over treatment for autistic chin. lawmakers want to know why insurance companies are refusing to pay for therapy. we'll have those stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. >> flight arrival delays are still about two hours. >> have a good day. thanks so much for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire"e"e"e"e"e"e"e"e"e"e"
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